The island of Huahine is composed of two islands: Huahine Nui in the north and Huahine Iti in the south. A bridge connects the two. According to Polynesian legend, the island was separated by the god Hiro that he stuck his mighty canoe into the island creating Bourayne Bay (where the pension Tupuna is) and Maroe.

Life is good in Huahine. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, motus easily accessible areas of breathtaking snorkeling, very popular diving spots and the largest Polynesian marae (complex cites pre-European).

The conservative character of its people has saved the island's mass tourism so that fishing and agriculture remains the main resources of the island. North of the village of Fare (port administration) Archaeological excavations have found traces of settlement among the oldest of the islands of the company.

In 1769, James Cook was the first European to set his feet on Huahine. Despite a rather hostile reception he will return in 1774 and 1777. A group of English missionaries settled on the island to escape the hustle and bustle of Tahiti in 1808 which explains that the main religion is Protestantism.

Huahine has supported the French against Pomare causing many confrontation between 1846 and 1888. Finally the French laws were accepted.

Today the island has retained a wild character while providing all necessary services (2.5 km from airport Fare, seaport, shopping, restaurants, bank, post office, medical center, clinic, pharmacy). The two main roads are all around each island ofrant stunning panoramas.